Many of you ask us what MÅAT actually means. MÅAT is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess, who was regarded as companion and gave power and life and all that embodies MÅAT Leipzig for me. Also, "MÅAT" is the name of a commissioned officer in the scandinavian navy. MÅAT Leipzig carries a wide selection of scandinavian labels. Scandinavians are widely known as "seafaring people" so there is yet another connection. MÅAT Leipzig is my big dream that embodies everything I love and what has inspired me in the last years. Our product list includes in fact everything, that we like to surround ourselves with and we would like to pass on this goodies to our customers. It is important to offer an assortment of different beautiful things such as fashion, art, accessories and beauty products. All of these harmonize together and will touch our customers, inspire them and give them a piece of individuality along the way.


With love,


Bine Weber